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This book revolves around Manoj’s life. A village boy who born in a poor family and despite being failed in the 12th standard in his first attempt made his journey by being resilient to become an IPS(Indian Police Service) officer.

If you think your life is the most tragic life in the history of a lifetime or you think often that you are the only one who is born for misery and bad luck, then you should read this book. And if you are a student and have failed in many big exams and want to do bad upon yourself, then I would highly recommend this book to read. Manoj’s journey was full of failure and failure and failure, but throughout his journey, his goal was clear with him and he worked really really hard to achieve it. Yes, he failed and rise and failed again and rise. Every time he failed, he used to observe the pattern of his failure, and then he uses to work on it to become a better version of himself.

This book is recommended to everyone as it's not for those who want to become IPS but for all those who suffer in their daily lives and struggle for living. This books inspired, gives courage and help make a better mindset towards the future.
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