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Mein Kampf: A Descriptive Bibliography is the most thorough, complete and detailed analysis and description of every edition of Hitlers Mein Kampf ever published. It is destined to be the benchmark for the study of the publication history and analysis of one of the worlds most important and influential books. With over 300 illustrations and nearly 800 pages in one volume, this study is long overdue and long awaited. Edited by Stephen R. Pastore, an experienced bibliographer and book collector with co-authors Andreas Stanik and Steven M. Brewster, the effects of this study will be far-reaching and will increase in importance for decades to come.REVIEWSFrom Publishers WeeklyAt long last someone of note and experience has tackled the extremely difficult job of describing perhaps one of the most influential volumes in all of human history, Adolf Hitlers Mein Kampf. Pastore seems more up to the difficult task than most. He takes a bibliographers point of view with no agenda, no side, no bias to discuss not only the creation of the book but, most importantly, a description in unparalleled terms of the impact on the history of the Twentieth Century that this book has and will continue to have so long as Man walks the Earth. No one will doubt the depth and breadth of this meticulous and difficult study.

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