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Prasenjit Paul, a bestselling author and successful investor, who has multiplied his portfolio by more than a 100 times over the last decade, shares his wisdom on multibagger investing in this book. He recounts his wealth-creation journey and offers an easy-to-implement strategy, which anyone from any background can use to create wealth and achieve financial well-being.

This book offers readers a simple yet effective technique to identify the stocks that have the potential of generating stupendous returns. Cutting through the clutter and noise, it answers the three most critical questions related to stock-market investing: when to invest (enter the market), how long to remain invested and, finally, when to exit. Dispelling the myth that multibagger stocks are devoid of strong fundamentals, the book explains why only stocks with strong fundamentals can become multibaggers. It also forewarns readers to stay away from the stocks of dubious companies that seem like multibaggers and may lead to wealth destruction, and helps them identify good companies with solid fundamentals.
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