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Traders, are you really serious in:

Finding a leading oscillator (instead of lagging ones) in trading which provides you with ideal entry and exit points? Getting rid of worry, anxiety or regret after entering or exiting trades? How to combine a number of oscillators/ indicators in the best ways to stack the odds in your favour? How to make yourself a versatile trader and well adapt to the constantly changing market conditions, using key market factors without taking much time? How to best determine support and resistance levels using naturally proven figures? How to predict turning points in the market early enough to generate huge profits?
If the answers to all the above questions are "Yes", then this book is surely for you. It is specially designed to provide you with a detailed illustration of the use of Fibonacci (one of the most commonly used indicators by successful traders) with a number of selected real charts. This book presents Fibonacci in close combination with other tools to help you make the best use of this indicator.

Inside, what you will learn includes but is not limited to:

The deep reason behind the use of leading oscillators and how they can save you tons of money which lagging indicators can't. Step-by-step guidance on how to draw Fibonacci retracement and extension levels in the most accurate way (in combination with other tools). How to combine Fibonacci with price action to best predict market movements. How to determine the ideal time to enter and exit a trade based on Fibonacci (and other market signals). The importance of Fibonacci projection and how to use it in your trading. Secrets on using Fibonacci convergence in planning the size of the position, the place of stop loss and the whole action plan. How to take risks entering a trade which maximizes profits using advanced Fibonacci techniques. What is the 3-part rule and how to use it to protect your profits and let profits grow? How to set up an Ichimoku chart and combine it with Fibonacci levels to enter and exit trades. How to combine Fibonacci and Pivot Points techniques to gain the maximum profits from the market. How to execute the best money management strategy to beat Mr Market. Also, this edition is full of real trade examples which disclose untold Fibonacci secrets.
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